[This clip's better audio] The ROOT CAUSES Of Autoimmune Disease You NEED TO KNOW! (How To Prevent It) | Izabella Wentz

["The lady doth protest too much, methinks" Hamlet, Shakespeare] #valuetainment
"They Were WRONG!" - Neil deGrasse Tyson In Heated Vaccine Debate With Patrick Bet-David

I knew it. Fake jobs. Fake data

Situation Update, 12/27/22 - CLIMATE INSANITY: Geoengineering scheme launched to DIM the sun... https://rumble.com/v22khey-situation-update-122722-climate-insanity-geoengineering-scheme-launched-to-.html

#metoo Biden, Did You Know? (Song Parody)

"Doc diagnosed me w/MS but researched it was actually parasites. 81gPh4rma bizmodel only treats symptoms. But you can still deworm your pets tho" Go figure, huh? Kate Dalley ntrvws Pam Bartha from LiveDiseaseFree.com >> to 23:00 https://www.bitchute.com/video/h24qn4ag8xrx/